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BlackBox R-512 G6

Transmitter / Receiver. 1024Ch 90-250VAC.

BlackBox F-1 G6

Transmitter / Receiver. 2.45GHz. DMX/RDM. 512 Ch.

BlackBox F-2 G6

Transmitter / Receiver. 2.45GHz. DMX/RDM. 1024 Ch.

UglyBox G5 TRX/RX

2,45GHz & 5,2/5,8GHz DMX

Dongle MK2

Co-existence tool + software

AC/DC Adapter G5

90-250VAC til 5VDC transformer

Outdoor 8/10

Panel8dBi.2,45GHz 10dBi.5,8GHz

Outdoor 21

Parabol Directional 21dBi 7x7°

Outdoor 12

Panel Directional 12dBi 30x30°

Outdoor 8

Omni 8 dBi. (HxV): 360x20°


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