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QuadComp ll

1U, 19" 4ch Compressor/Limiter


1U 2:4/1:8 bal. line splitter


1U, 19" Automatic gain control

MSX 12

1U passiv split 4:3 XLR/XLR

I-SwitchSub - line switcher

1U 10 stereo out + 4 mono sub

DeBalance 8

1U 4x 2x XLR ins/2x phono outs


1U, 19" 6ch optical noise gate

Remote Selector DC Controlled

A or B Stereo XLR 2 ins/4 outs

Net Split

1U, 19" Dante/Analog Splitter

Balance 8

1U 4x 2x Phono ins/2x XLR outs

MSX 32T/ALL Transf. Balanced

2U active splitter 8ins/32outs


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