Paging & PA


104C microphone

Omni. carbon Handheld PTT

515BSLX microphone

Car. Dyn, on-off, f. gooseneck

515BSM microphone

Car. Dyn. Handheld PTT

515SBG-18X microphone

Car. Dyn. Gooseneck PTTw.A13HD

515SB-G18XF microphone

Car. Dyn. Gooseneck PTTw.A12

515SBGX microphone

Car. Dyn. gooseneck mount PTT

515SDX microphone

Car. Dyn.gooseneckmount on-off

527B microphone

Omni Dyn. Handheld PTT

527C microphone

Omni Dyn. Handheld PTT, amp.

577B microphone

Car. Dyn. Noise cancel PTT


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