AO 6008 Audio Output Unit

8 analogue XLR outputs

The AO 6008 Audio Output Unit outputs eight floor or language channels to IR language distribution systems, recording and/or web-streaming devices. Works with DCS 6000 System.

  • Most settings are accessible via an easily navigable menu on the front of the AO. The audio properties can also be controlled by a PC with SW 6000 software. The units can be easily daisy-chained connected.
  • Audio output unit with 8 analog transformer balanced outputs
  • 2 HU cabinet designet for 19" rack mounting
  • Digital to analog audio converter
  • Support for independent routing of up to 8 decoded outputs selected from 34 digital audio channels (31 interpretation channels + floor channel in three qualities
  • Large backlit LCD display with corresponding buttons for settings and menu structure navigating
  • Analog audio monitoring by headphones via one 3.5 mm jack socket


Produktnummer: 500008091

Producent: DIS

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