BETA 98D/S Microphone

Mini Cond.Supercar. Drums

BETA 98H/C Microphone

Mini Cond.Supercar. Clip-on

BETA 98/S Microphone

Mini Cond.Supercar. Instrument

Beta 98AMP/C═3PK Microphones

Mini Cond. Car. w/A75M, 3 pcs.

Beta 98AMP/C Microphone

Miniature Cond. Car. w/A75M

Beta 98AD/C Microphone

Miniature Cond. Car. w/A98D

Beta 98A/C Microphone

Miniature Cond. Cardioid

Beta 91A Microphone

Cond. Half-Cardioid Boundary

BETA 56A Microphone

Dyn. Supercar. Swivelmount

BETA 52A Microphone

Dyn. Kick Drum, Neodymium


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