Beta 181/C Microphone

Cond. Car. Side-address

Beta 181/S Microphone

Cond. Supercar. Side-address

Beta 181/O Microphone

Cond. Omni. Side-address

Beta 181/BI Microphone

Cond. Bi-dir. Side-address

BETA 27 Microphone

Cond. Supercar. Side-address

BETA 52A Microphone

Dyn. Kick Drum, Neodymium

BETA 53 Microphone

Cond. Omni Headworn, TA4F

BETA 54 Microphone

Cond. Supercar Headworn, TA4F+XLR adaptor

BETA 56A Microphone

Dyn. Supercar. Swivelmount

Beta 91A Microphone

Cond. Half-Cardioid Boundary


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