Proel Speakers


FLASH5AV2 Selfpowered Speaker

5"/tweeter 80W/20W 90°x60°

LT6A Selfpowered MDF

6"/1" Tweeter75W RMS 90°x40°

LT8A Selfpowered Plywood

8"/1" 150W/50W RMS 90°x40°

LT10A Selfpowered Plywood

10"/1" 250W/50W RMS 90°x60°

LT12A Selfpowered Plywood

12"/1" 250W/50W RMS 90°x60°

LT15A Selfpowered Plywood

15"/1" 250W/50W RMS 90°x60°

LT215A Selfpowered Plywood

2x15"/1" 500W/100W RMS 90°x60°

LT812A Selfpowered System

1x12" SUB/2x8"/1" SAT 60°x40°

LT6P Passive MDF Black

6"/1" Tweeter150W/8ohm 90°x40°

LT6PW Passive MDF White

6"/1" Tweeter150W/8ohm 90°x40°

LT8P Passive Plywood Black

8"/1" 300W/8ohm PG 90°x40°

LT8PW Passive Plywood White

8"/1" 300W/8ohm PG 90°x40°


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