ED23PB - Passive, black

2x3,5"/dome, 32 ohm, 80°x65°

ED23PWH - Passive, white

2x3,5"/dome, 32 ohm, 80°x65°

ED150A - Selfpowered, black

15"/1,4", 900/300W, 100°x60°

ED150P - Passive, black

15"/1,4",1360W, 8ohm,100°x60°

CX14A - Stage Monitor

14"/2" Coax 900/300W 80°x80°

ED120PWH - Passive, white

12"/1,4",1360W, 8ohm,100°x60°

ED150PWH - Passive, white

15"/1,4",1360W, 8ohm,100°x60°

ED80PWH - Passive, white

8"/1,4", 8 ohm, 90°x60°

CX15A - Stage Monitor

15"/1,4" Coax 2x1000W 80°x80°

SW215P - Passive Sub

2x15" / 2x900W / 8+8ohm


Flybar for SW215 + AX2065


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