In-Ear Monitor Systems


P3TERA215CL-H20 PSM300 sys

with Premium metal BP+SE215-CL

P9RA+-G6E PSM900 WL Bodypack

Hybrid receiver Recharge ready

P10R+-G10E PSM1000 WL Bodypack

Diversity Rec.,Recharge ready


PSM300 Twin Pack Pro with Earphones

P3TERA-H20 PSM300 system

with Premium, metal bodypack

PA725 Antenna cable, 3m.

Coaxial, RG-8X, with BNC Conn.

PA720 Cable

f. P6HW+P9HW, 5pin LEMO, 2XLR

PA805SWB Antenna

Directional,Passive, 470-952MHz

P9HW Hardwired bodypack

Stereo bodypack receiver


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