PB-06 Automatic mic. gate

For under table mount

This model is connected in parallel to the mic and requires 48-volt phantom power from a mixing desk. Basic soldering skills would be helpful in wiring the unit to your fixed location (refer to manual). Velcro tape is supplied with the PB-06 for installation. The PB-06 is equipped with an infrared sensor and senses if someone is in front of the microphone in order to switch on the microphone. The microphone will be switched off automatically if no one is in front of it. The distance of activation can be adjusted between 2 inches and 4 feet with the help of the trim pot located on the top of the unit.

Optogates are by far the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live audio applications. It eliminates unwanted background noise of other instruments into unused, open microphones on stage. So, the clarity of the sound and the dynamics are increased due to less phase cancellation between other open mics and stage background noise. It also reduces the possibility of Feedback from unused open mics!


Produktnummer: 500000606

Producent: Axel Joost Elektronik

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