Mic 2 Mon

A-B mic switch or mute

The Mic 2 Mon footswitch can switch a dynamic mic or a condenser mic noiseless between 2 desks, no matter if the phantompower is switched on at one or both desks. The Mic 2 Mon can help to get in contact to the monitor engineer or can be used just as mute footswitch. It was a bit tricky for us to develope the Mic 2 Mon cause we wanted to have it work noiseless in every environment and with any balanced mic, regardless if there is phantom power switched on or off at one or both desks.

The button can be used as "Push To Talk" or "Output Toggle". The switch mode can be changed by setting an internal dip switch. An other dip switch will enable just a mute function in the device. The Mic 2 Mon works with a 9 Volt battery and the power consumption is about 5mA. The mic is routed direct to the output A if the Mic 2 Mon is not be switched on.

* Please note that a few poor balanced condenser mics will make a small "plopp" when switch to the other desk. This effect is far below of the useable mic level but might noteable. All dynamic mics are not affected and are silent while switching.


Produktnummer: 500004362

Producent: Axel Joost Elektronik

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