ASI Pro64 to Pro16

A-Net Interface Module

The ASI A-Net Systems Interface allows Pro16® Series Personal Mixers and output devices to interface with a Pro64® digital snake or audio network.

Each of its four Pro16 outputs can be assigned to send one of four sequential 16-channel banks of Pro64 Slots to a Personal Mixer. Or, to make the ASI even more powerful and flexible, use the Pro64 Network Manager software to matrix the four ASI outputs and send any Pro64 Slot to any ASI output and channel. The Pro64 network's matrix capability turns an ASI into a four-zone monitor mix system interface.


  • Four 16-channel Pro16 A-Net outputs
  • Two Pro64 A-Net network ports
  • Assign any Pro64 Slot to any Pro16 output channel using the matrix
  • Supports all Pro64 sample rates


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Producent: Aviom

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