3xLA12X/LA-Panel/LA-Power/ 2xLS10

LA-RAK II AVB is built upon the internationally recognized LA-RAK II adding AVB and Milan seamless network redundancy. LA-RAK II AVB adds two LS10 AVB switches to create a full L‑Acoustics AVB ecosystem for large format touring productions to further improve audio quality and simplify deployment.

LA-RAK II AVB is a standardized 9U prewired touring rack. It is equipped with three Milan-certified LA12X amplified controllers for twelve channels of high-power amplification, two LS10 AVB switches for redundant AVB audio and control, one LA-PANEL II panel for analog and AES distribution, one LA-POWER II panel for power distribution and one blank panel. With power connectors for any voltage standard, LA-RAK II AVB can be used worldwide to facilitate tour logistics and cross-rental.

The rugged rack features a shock-absorbing inner frame with retractable front and rear doors, a detachable dolly and four handles to ease transport and manipulation. LA-RAK II AVB can also be flown with the dedicated flying frame or mounted on large-format line sources flying frames to reduce loudspeaker cables lengths.


Produktnummer: 500016273

Producent: L-Acoustics

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3xLA12X/LA-Panel/LA-Power/ 2xLS10


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