Aviom Boom System

Connecting the CTT-1

Drummers, the CTT-1 Clamp-On Tactile Transducer is what you need to significantly enhance your in-ear or headphone monitoring experience.

Connecting the PFS-1

For singers, guitar players, or any seated performer, the PFS-1 Performance Stool is a great addition to any monitoring rig. Works equally well in the studio! 

Connecting the PLF-1

Bass Player? Guitar Player? The PLF-1 Performance Platform  is the perfect solution for  performers who stand on stage. Now you can feel your monitor mix!

Connecting the KBS-1

For keyboard players, the adjustable KBS-1 Keyboard Seat has a built-in tactile transducer that will let you feel those low-end frequencies that are missing from your in-ear mix.


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