Rackhog 4 Rackmount Console

Weight- 9.52kg

A Hog in a box! RackHog4 has all the power of a HOG 4 console condensed into a 3u rack mount unit making it the ideal solution for fixed install applications such as cruise ships, theme parks, and architectural installations. RackHog4 is also perfectly suited to operate as a backup to any Hog4 family console.

Plug a Nano Hog4 into the RackHog4 , add a touch screen and you have a powerful control system ready to take on any show. Perfect for those applications where permanent hardware interfaces are not necessary this Hog is perfect for program and leave situations.

RackHog4, like the other consoles in the HOG4 family, runs on Linux and is compatible with all of the same peripheral hardware. RackHog 4 has no limits, and is fully expandable in conjunction with DMX Processor 8000’s.


  • Robust Hog 4 Operating Software
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades
  • Built in DMX Processor 8000
  • Hog-Net Ethercon connector
  • Fixture-Net Ethercon connector
  • Four USB ports for Wholehog wings and external touchscreens
  • Auto-ranging mains input (90-250VAC)
  • Keyboard and Mouse included
  • Solid State Hard Drive


  • Unlimited number of DMX channels via Ethernet DPs
  • Unlimited number of Art-Net and E1.3.1 (sACN) universes via Ethernet DPs
  • Onboard MIDI Input and Output, MIDI Show Control and MIDI Time Code and LTC Input
  • Multiple LTC inputs via optional multiple SMPTE/ LTC USB Widget
  • Connectivity with many visualizers via Ethernet
  • Total networking ability with multiple Wholehog console systems
  • Remote Focus capabilities via Open Sound Control
  • Connectivity to remote Windows PC’s running Hog 4PC
  • Supports USB Playback and Expansion Wings


19.09” (485.03mm) wide by 16.59” (421.5mm) deep by 5.21” (132.36mm) high 

Weight- 21 lbs (9.52kg)


Produktnummer: 500009913

Producent: Highend Systems

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