DeBalance 8

1U 4x 2x XLR ins/2x phono outs


Sooner or later there comes a time when Pro Audio Balanced outputs need to be converted to Unbalanced, to silently interface with the -10dB unbalanced inputs of consumer electronics. Distortion and noise from a mismatch at this point will be amplified throughout the system.

Now there’s a simple and straightforward solution to this problem – the all-new ARX DeBalance 8, an 8 channel audio Debalancer and Level Optimizer specifically designed to handle this critical task.

ARX’s proprietary debalancing circuits take the Balanced +4dB levels from professional audio systems and effortlessly convert them into the unbalanced signals that all units with unbalanced inputs need, such as LCD, LED and plasma screens and other consumer-type products

Inputs are industry standard balanced 3 pin XLR type, and outputs are unbalanced RCA connectors.

Pairs of Gain Mode switches on the front panel let you select unity gain through the DeBalance 8, using it as a debalancer only, or as a level optimizer as well, bringing the +4 dB levels down to –10 dB (–14dB overall loss). Status LEDs on the front panel indicate which mode has been selected.

Housed in a rugged all steel chassis with extruded aluminium front panel, the ARX DeBalance 8 is the ideal professional engineer’s tool for the critical task of impedance and level converting.

Availability:           Lagerstatus på varen er pt. desværre ikke retvisende. Ring og forhør på Tlf. 70255522.

Produktnummer: 500007516

Producent: ARX

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