DT 6032 Digital Transmitter

32 ch. Digital IR-transmitter

The DT 6008 or DT 6032 Digital Transmitter is the central modulator unit which receives audio from the interpreter and transmits it for wireless digital language distribution.

The DT 60xx Digital Transmitter accepts audio from the AO 6004 or AO 6008 Audio Output Units or from CU 6105 or CU 6110 directly. Or other audio sources can be connected. The transmitter modulates these signals onto carrier waves. The digital carrier waves are transmitted directly to the RA 60xx Digital Radiators located in the room - for wireless distribution to the DR 60xx Digital Receivers.


  • Capable of distributing a maximum of 8 or 32 channels/languages
  • Can be used with both the DCS 6000 or DDS 5900 Systems
  • Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes for efficient distribution
  • Adjustable sensitivity for each input to enable fine tuning of audio levels
  • Built-in mini infrared radiator for audio monitoring
  • Radiator and system status indication via display
  • Configuration of transmitter and system via a display and one single rotary button
  • 19" housing for table top use or rack mounting

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Produktnummer: 500008172

Producent: DIS

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DT 6008 Digital Transmitter

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