ProStage+ 750-4-HE-24b DC

D8+, 750kg, chain bag, 24m

Movecat‘s PROstage+ chain hoists satisfy the exact requirements expressed by many professional users to Movecat for a D8 Plus rigging hoist with a high loadbearing capacity, compact dimensions and low unladen weight, as the new hoists are capable of carrying safe working loads of 750 kg whilst having almost identical dimensions to, and being only slightly heavier than, a 500 kg D8 Plus rigging hoist.


Produktnummer: 500013066

Producent: Movecat

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Circle D=15mtr (16 parts)

FR1-FRAME Solaro, Modular

w.16 card slots, no Dante

LUCIA 240/2

2 x 120 W into 8, 4 or 2 ohms

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