EPIX Strip Tour 50

Requires Epix Drive 900

Épix Strip Tour 50 is a pixel-mapping ½ meter LED strip fixture, featuring 25 LEDs in a row.

Power and control it through the Épix Drive 900 on Art-Net Kling-Net or sACN (streaming ACN).

For added versatility and more creative options, a dome accessory is available to widen the viewing angle.

Availability:           Lagerstatus på varen er pt. desværre ikke retvisende. Ring og forhør på Tlf. 70255522.

Produktnummer: 500014102

Producent: Chauvet Pro

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Jakob er vores Chauvet Pro ekspert. Kontakt ham mandag-torsdag 8.30 - 16.30 samt fredag 8.30 - 15.30

jh@matrixsales.dk +45 27 10 26 74

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EPIX Drive 900

For Epix Tour products, up to

X12 Coaxial passive - Brown

12"/3" Asymmetric 90°/60°

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