16x16 A-Net Yamaha MY Card

The powerful 6416Y2 A-Net Interface Card is a 16x16 Pro64® I/O card for Yamaha® digital devices. When connected to a Pro64 input device such as the 6416m Mic Input Module or the AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System, the 6416Y2 can input up to 16 channels digitally into the Yamaha console. Remote head amp control is available by using m-control which sends remote control commands directly from the console channel to the mic preamp over the Pro64 network. Adding additional 6416Y2 cards to a console expands its capacity, allowing the creation of a compact digital snake with a direct digital connection to the console.

In addition to its 16 channel per card input capabilities, each 6416Y2 card can simultaneously output up to 16 channels, sending mix outputs or monitor feeds to the digital snake. With an ASI A-NetSystems Interface module added to the Pro64 network, Pro16 Series monitor mixing products like the A-16II and A-16R Personal Mixers can be used.

  • Up to 16 channels in and 16 channels out simultaneously
  • Variable sample rates: 44.1/48kHz or 88.2/96kHz
  • Flexible and robust clocking allows simple console-to-console digital connections
  • Supports remote control of 6416m and AllFrame mic preamp settings from select Yamaha digital consoles, using m-control™
  • RS-422/232 Virtual Data Cable I/O (compatible with Yamaha® remote control protocol)

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