2U Tactile Transducer DSP/AMP

BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor brings Aviom-optimized DSP to the tactile experience. 

In-ear monitors provide a detailed and personal listening experience. But when using IEMs, what is often missing is low frequency punch.

A performer’s physical surroundings actually vibrate when playing an acoustic drum kit, or a guitar, bass, or keyboard through an amp.

This subtle vibration is a big part of the performer’s energy and experience. Tactile transducers can reproduce this vibration, greatly enhancing the overall monitoring experience.

The BOOM-1 provides optimized DSP and amplification to tactile transducers that are mounted to drum thrones, keyboard seats, platforms, performance stools, or even installed in the floor of a stage. The easy-to-use BOOM System will inspire your performance; you’ll instantly feel what you’ve been missing! 

Availability:           Lagerstatus på varen er pt. desværre ikke retvisende. Ring og forhør på Tlf. 70255522.

Produktnummer: 500015185

Producent: Aviom

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